Benefits Navigation Platforms

by Kari Hoback

March 20, 2024

What do employees do when they have questions regarding their benefits?  Where can they go to find information?

One solution is a benefits navigation platform that summarizes all benefit plans within one app, providing on-demand help, whenever and wherever it is needed.  This allows employees to serve themselves at their convenience, right from their mobile phone or tablet.

From within the benefits app, employees and their families may have access to:

  • Plan summaries
  • ID cards
  • Deductible and Out of Pocket Accumulations
  • Provider Search
  • Chat and/or Secure Messaging
  • Virtual care

If employees need additional help, healthcare concierge staff can assist to:

  • Find a specialist or facility and book an appointment
  • Estimate health costs
  • Review medical bills for accuracy
  • Answer benefits questions

When employees are able to access the information they need, they have greater benefits satisfaction, lower healthcare costs, and improved wellbeing.

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